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Although Rachel’s Kids has been established for over 14 years, we strive to grow along with our community and continue to cultivate new friendships as well as new corporate partnerships.

Over the years we have been blessed with the outpouring support of our community and donors.  We are 100% not for profit and cannot persevere without the kindness and generosity of all who contribute whether it be monetary donations, volunteerism, in-kind or responding to a call for help for specific items in need.  We truly can’t thank you all enough.

The need for help has amplified over the years and so has the necessity for our programs as we continue to receive requests for support and services.  We recognize the increase in demand and work persistently to have a strong presence in our community wherein turn, impacts our ability to financially assist local and overseas families.

As we grow our fundraising efforts in the years to come, we ask that you take the time to consider giving back to our community through Rachel’s Kids by donating to our foundation.

We continue to recognize all who have contributed over the years through our various social media platforms as well as in print and on our website.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this amazing community and we promise to do our best to reciprocate through Rachel’s Kids Development Fund.


Over the past 14 years and counting, Rachel’s Kids Development Fund is proud to be a charity of choice for donors and a resource for families and children in need of a little extra help.  We feel privileged to learn how our programs and initiatives have helped people in our community and overseas.  Testimonials are our best advocates and we are honored to learn how we have made the difference in a families’ life. 

Thank you for your continued support and kindness.  We will continue to fundraise and do our best to help our little locals in SD&G and our friends from Sri Lanka. 

“Rachel's Kids helped our family when our son Connor was diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago. Rachel's Kids stepped in and offered to help in any way they could. They paid a portion of the cost to help with renovations we made to our home while away with Connor in order to make a healthier more comfortable environment for the whole family once he returned home. Today Connor is enjoying being home with the family while continuing with his chemotherapy treatment. Thank you will never be enough to express our gratitude for Rachel's Kids! Here's Connor at home today!”
Krista Wilson
August 2018
“My son Dominick was born with a seizure disorder called Dravets and Autism. For him, his seizures would happen not just with fevers but also just from playing outside no matter the season. He has a seizure every time he has a cold, so walking to anywhere is a challenge not just because of the Seizures, but also because he is also what they call a “runner”. Any chance he gets he will run from me or Anyone. He has no understanding of the dangers that surrounds him outside of the home. At Halloween, we go out with his sister her boyfriend and his nieces, we would make it one to two blocks before his body temperature rises and he would have a seizure then we had to carry him home. Rachel’s Kids helped in the funding for a stroller chair for him. Now, we go to the park, we go to the mall, we go shopping, “WE” run errands, no more waiting for daddy to come home or looking for someone who is available to watch him. WE go shopping and he gets to pick out what he wants, the other picture is a picture after he had a seizure while playing at the park, this is how Rachel’s Kids helped me. I can take him to the park, so he can play with other kids and I don’t have to call anyone to come and help me. I actually stopped taking him to the park and stopped taking him out for Halloween or to family BBQ’s. Since we got this chair I have been taking him with me on errands and also, he has been able to participate in any outing with the group at the Respite House. I walk him there and leave the chair with them to use. They have taken him to St Alberts and Upper Canada Village. So, you could say that Rachel’s Kids also helped them. “ So, to Rachel’s Kids, a very big THANK YOU from us all.
Rita Boismenu
August 2018
"Rachel’s Kids has been absolutely amazing to my brother and his family! Thank you sooo much for thinking of Max every time. It’s been a rough year and I couldn’t even imagine how much worse it would’ve been without the support from them. We are so grateful and so blessed to have her and her organization in our community. You ladies are changing lives over there!!!"
Pamela Hutt