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Meet Melanie Gravel-Casey

Melanie Gravel-Casey has been with Rachel’s Kids for over 10 years. A graduate in Early Childhood Education, Melanie’s creativity, empathy and ability to connect with children on an extraordinary level makes her a very special member of our team.

Melanie has made many visits to Sri Lanka in support of our Foster Program which is also a program managed by her. Melanie has witnessed first-hand how Rachel’s Kids and the generous contributions from our community has played a significant role in the positive growth for the schools, orphanages, villages and of course the children we foster.

With the increase in families in need, and growth of our Development Fund, Melanie is the driving force, behind the scenes, to ensure our organization continues to evolve through our signature events and various fundraisers.

Meet Shea-Anne Marshall

Shea-Anne Marshall is the young lady with the beautiful smile who will greet you when you come to the centre. A graduate in Business Administrative-Accounting and currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree, Shea’s gift with numbers and natural ability to multi task with positive energy and ease are only a few of many skills she brings to our centre.

With many fundraising events and generous donations Rachel’s Kids receive throughout the year, Shea’s numerical precisions allows us to focus on what’s important and of course the bigger picture.

You will find Shea at all of our events and witness for yourself her passion for our cause, her dynamic personality and her zest for life.

Meet our Volunteer

Amber MacDonald is a very special member of our Rachel’s Kids team. Amber has so many skills and qualities, too many to list but we can say that this centre would not run to its full potential without the support, love and passion for our cause she demonstrates in her daily duties. Anything we need assistance with Amber is always willing to help such as updating our PECS library, camp activities, events and special projects.

You will find Amber at our centre three days a week working hard at ensuring we are a well-oiled machine and our day to day runs smoothly.
We are so lucky to have this beautiful young lady on our team and her devotion to our foundation is so inspiring.

Meet Nigel

Nigel is Dr. Rachel’s dog and enjoys spending a lot of time with us at the centre. Nigel is a Havanese, a small hypoallergenic dog breed that has won the hearts of many with his extremely fluffy hair, soulful eyes, and over all snuggle factor. Nigel is always up for attention but his great big heart is so much better at giving attention instead to our little locals that come in and need a few minutes of downtime.

You will find Nigel a few days a week at our centre and will always greet our friends with a smile.


On behalf of the Rachel’s Kids Board of Directors, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the Cornwall community for always supporting us. We owe that success to every person who donated, signed up for our events and volunteered. Without your support, Rachel’s Kids would not exist and we would not be able to help the families in our community.