Because Some Things Are Too Precious To Gamble On


Photos of mount Carmel distribution of school bags

Prepared lunch with mount Carmel kids. With mother Monica (for whom the preschool is named in Omanthai)

Distribution of food bags to parent of mount Carmel kids!

Welcoming us at St Mary’s

Cute photos at st Mary’s

The arrival in Jaffna, of the Canadian Volunteers

Last years bikes still being used and this years new ones given

The preschool in Moolai

Sign of preschool in Moolai

All the goods to deliver to the kids in the north of Sri Lanka

The orphanage in Kilonochichi

Kilonochichi girls of the orphanage

Giving out ice cream at the orphanage

New preschool in Omanthai (the Mother Monica preschool) giving of book bags and bears

Omanthai kids


Young sibling with new sandals from Canada!

Mother Monica preschool

Older children in Omanthai receiving their tshirts and school supplies!

The Indhi Gandhi international Academy in Bangalore India

Bangalore India

The lunch provided for the kids in Bangalore