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Fostering Programs

Children at Omanthai Needing Foster Parents

If you would like more information on the Foster Program please contact Michelle Contant at

Rachel’s Kids’ Foster Parents Plan connects Canadians with the children in need on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Rachel’s Kids works with 3 different churches and schools; Mount Carmel Church, St. Roche school and Omenthai school. The children in these programs are amongst the poorest. Their parents often work as fisher man or house hold labourers, and struggle to stay above the poverty line. The Foster Parent Plan offers a much-needed life line for these families to elevate their children out of poverty. Your donations make an incredible difference in their lives!

Each year around January or February, Rachel’s Kids board members and volunteers travel to Sri Lanka to visit your foster child to provide our annual care package for him/her. With your donations, the care package includes: school supplies, soap, hairbrush, Vaseline, a new toothbrush and toothpaste. We also provide a wellness package for the foster child’s family which includes: a 10kg bag of rice, a 10kg bag of lentils, a 3L bottle of cooking oil and two boxes of milk powder

Your $75 annual donation is divided into two parts; $55 dollars is spent each year on after-school tutoring for your foster child and the remaining $20 is deposited into a savings account to help finance her/his higher education.


If you would like more information on the Foster program, please contact

Melanie Gravel-Casey @ 613-933-3946 or

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